District Exemption Contact Info
Below you will find contact info for the only seven school districts of Garland County that have been directed by a U.S. District Judge to not participate in School Choice. Of the remaining 230 school districts in Arkansas participating in and benefitting from School Choice, only the following nine choose to exempt. Use the contact info to reach out to key individuals and let them know they should reconsider.

Camden Fairview School District
Fred Lilly District Office (870) 836-4193 flilly@cfsd.k12.ar.us
Mark Keith Superintendent 870-836-4193 mkeith@cfsd.k12.ar.us

El Dorado School District
Shirley Billingly District Office 870-864-5006 sbillingly@esd-15.org
Jim Tucker Superintendent 870-864-5006 jtucker@esd-15.org
Wayne C. Gibson President of School Board 870-875-7524
Susan Turbeville Vice President of School Board 870-862-1252
Keith Smith School Board 870-864-0580
Todd Whatley School Board 870-314-9219
Viky Dobson School Board 870-862-9785
Renne Skinner School Board 870-862-0332

Hope School District
Portia Jones District Office 870-722-2700 portia.jones@hpsdistrict.org
Bobby Hart Superintendent 870-722-2700 bobby.hart@hpsdistrict.org
Viney Johnson School Board viney.johnson@hpsdistrict.org
Will Buck School Board willie.buck@phsdistrict.org
Joe Short School Board joe.short@phsdistrict.org
Linda Haynes School Board linda.haynes@phsdistrict.org
Denny Dickinson School Board denny.dickinson@phsdistrict.org
Mildred Green School Board mildred.green@phsdistrict.org
Jesus Coronado School Board jesus.cornado@phsdistrict.org

Pulaski County Special School District
District Office 501-234-2000 akeith@pcssd.org or pcssd.org
Jerry Guess Superintendent 501-234-2001 jguess@pcssd.org
Fatima Garcia School Board 501-708-8002 fatig199121@gmail.com
Mayor McKinzie Riley School Board 501-897-5647 riley.mac.lee.8007@sbcglobal.net
Dr. Linda Remele School Board 501-240-9585 lremele@hotmail.com
Shelby Thomas School Board 501-231-5458 shelbyt@swbell.net
Lindsey Gustafson School Board 501-765-5605 lgustafson@ualr.edu
Kenneth Fells School Board 501-952-9848 kenny.fells@gmail.com
Brian Muane School Board 501-952-7998 brianmaune@yahoo.com
Daniel Gray School Board 501-985-1504 jvillerocks@gmail.com

Junction City School District
District Office 870-924-4575 masonj@jcdragons.k12.ar.us
Robby Lowe Superintendent 870-924-4575 lower@jcdragons.k12.ar.us
Jay Green President of School Board jay.green@martinmlp.com
Billy Smith Secretary of School Board billy.smith@chemtura.com
Eddie Bryan bobbyebryan@yahoo.com
Paul Kugler p.kugler@unioncountysheriff.net
David Barnette barnette@suddenlink.net

Lafayette County School District
District Office 870-921-5500 jsanders@lcs.k12.ar.us
Robert Edwards Superintendent 870-921-5500 edwardsr@lcs.k12.ar.us
Lindsay Nutt President of School Board lindsay@totalassessments.com
Johnny Brown 870-550-0937
Culric Jackson 870-953-1412
James Knighton 870-904-4732
Robert Thomas 870-921-4977
Frank Herrera 870-921-4520
Tonya Clark 870-904-5895

Dollarway School District
District 870-534-7003 llenox@dollarwayschools.org
Barbara Warren Superintendent 870-534-7003 barbarawarren@dollarwayschools.org

Texarkana School District
District 870-772-3371
Dr. Becky Kesler Superintendent 870-772-3371 becky.kesler@tasd7.net
Jesse Buchanan President of School Board leanne.hensley@tasd7.net

Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District
District 501-241-2080
Tony Wood Superintendent 501-241-2080 jtwood@pcssd.org
Daniel Gray President of School Board 501-960-3181 danielgray@remax.net
Ronald McDaniel Vice President of School Board 501-590-0183 Ronald.mcdaniel1952@gmail.com
Carol Miles Secretary of School Board 901-592-8081 cmiles@pcssd.org
Dena Toney Disbursing Officer, School Board 501-988-5247 dtoney@pcssd.org
Marcia Dornblaser School Board 501-580-9156 mdornblaser@pcssd.org
Jim Moore School Board 501-658-6361 jmoore@pcssd.org
LaConda Watson School Board 501-350-0762 ltwatson@pcssd.org
Colonel William E. Brooks School Board 501-987-1905